More added value

The sim cargo system headquarters is constantly examining and questioning how it can offer you, the system partners, even more added value beyond the network business.

With membership in TAPA (=Transported Asset Protection Association), the leading association for logistics security and resilience in Europe with over 200 members, sim cargo equips the network for all security-related topics. We also let our system partners participate in this. On the one hand by providing you with the monthly magazine of the association TAPA EMEA and on the other hand by drawing your attention to the many training courses organized by the association.

The Global Supply Chain intelligence Portal, GSCi for short, is a renowned database that gives sim cargo access to a wide range of logistics indicators and analyses of the logistics market with absolute topicality. We will share this valuable wealth of knowledge with you. Feel free to contact us, we are sure that it will be worth your while.

More value for our system partners also results from the numerous events that the system headquarters organizes for you. sim cargo promotes business relations and partnership cohesion among the system partners. For this reason, you can expect a variety of events in which we bring you together but also present the latest developments of the network.


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